About M+P Coney Island

What we do, and why we love it

Our Mission

To continue the long family tradition of providing our customers a consistently distinguishable and delectable savory sauce with pride.

Our Story

In 1923 two teenage immigrants from Greece, John Mitsos and George Papazickos opened Coney Island Lunch on West Washington St. in New Castle, PA. Their restaurant specialized in selling Greek-style hot dogs with their own secret chili sauce. In March 1971 Mitsos and Papazickos moved to a new location on the Diamond and renamed their business "M&P Coney Island." A second restaurant was also opened in Neshannock Township in April 1972. Both of the restaurants are still family owned and operated. The children of John E. Mitsos (nephew of the original Mitsos) now have ownership of the restaurants and they are excited to carry on the family tradition with the assistance of their children and long-time manager Jim Giannone. It’s because of their great popularity and success that New Castle adopted the nickname of “Hot Dog Capital of the World."

It's All About The Chili

The process of creating the distinguishable spicy and tasty M&P Coney Island Chili is truly "a labor of love." This 24 hour process involves a complex sequence of steps that incorporates over 15 ingredients with the proper application of temperature, timing, order of ingredients and controlling viscosity. There are no simple short cuts and we take great pride in the quality of the final product.